Lost Mined Brewing Company

Lost Mined Brewing Company started out from a hobby-turned-obsession. Starting out brewing in a small pot on our kitchen stove, progressing into brewing in a half barrel in a "brew shed" built in the back yard, and finally growing into a one-barrel gas fired 55 gallon system with 2 one-barrel temperature controlled fermenters, a 15 gallon hopback, and a grain crush capable of crushing 5 pounds in a minute.

Then the magic happened. A local bar/restaurant went up for sale and a community of friends and family came together to donate time, labor, items, and ideas. Many also lent money for the remodel and the purchase of equipment. It is no understatement that without all these key ingredients that this vision would never have come to fruition.

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100 S. Market St., Shamokin, PA 17872 | P: 570.648.1191 | lostmined.com

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Wednesday-Saturday 4pm-9pm | Saturday-Sunday: 11:30am-9pm

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