The Rats

You never know who you might meet along the Susquehanna Valley’s River Rat Brew Trail. Below are a few fan favorites. Look out for Party Rat living it up at his local hangouts, making the most of the weekend hours or Traveler Rat seeking out the newest stroke of genius from brewmasters across the Valley. Which river rat are you? The fun has just begun! Take our quiz to find out!

Only the best of the best beer meets up to her Fancy Rat’s standards, and why shouldn’t they? Friends might call it picky, but Fancy Rat just knows a good beer when she tastes one. In fact, she’s often asked for her recommendation and opinion. Fancy Rat has tried at least one of everything everywhere she’s been. She’s basically a beer connoisseur. She knows what she wants and how she wants it: in life, and in beer.

Social drinking is at the core of his being. Having a beer anywhere with just about anyone is all he needs to have a great time, and his friends know that. He is usually the go-to when it comes to going out on the town or hosting a party for any and every sporting event. As long as it justifies having a brew with friends, he’s all in.

Whoever said that you couldn’t drink a beer with one hand and chop down a tree with the other was wrong! The Lumberjack Rat is master of many trades. His diet consists of meats and beers, and he prefers stouts, porters, and brown ales most of all. He stays away from assembly line production and sticks to only the finest handcrafted items, beer included.

She sees beauty in the world where other people only see a tree or a line of paint and because of that, Dreamy Rat doesn’t take any beer for granted. She takes her beer as inspiration for what she creates, be it a sculpture, a painting, or words on the page. Just like her creative side, she likes to go outside the box when it comes to beer by standing out from the crowd with her fresh and original tastes.

Good Ol’ Rat is a regular Jane or Joe, but if there’s something about this rat that adds a little flair and pizzazz to a 40 hour work week—it’s the weekend! The Good Ol’ Rat turns from the working fiend to the ultimate regular at the bar or brewery of choice, where the familiar faces abound and the favorite IPA is ready at the usual trusty barstool.

To the Traveler Rate, adventure means trying new things. This rat is always on the go for weekend trips and traveling around the world, experiencing new culture and new brews. Fresh experiences and exciting new brews are around every corner. After all, if you always drink the same thing, how do you know if there’s something better, a flavor more wonderful than the last? The Traveler Rat is a hero on the River Rat Brew Trail, always willing to try the newest on tap.

To the Gym Rat, the only thing equally important as working out is a good beer. With all the training effort, everyone is allowed to have a cheat day every once in a while, so the Gym Rat works tirelessly to stay in shape to enjoy an occasional brew and not blink an eye. Favorites include the lighter beers and pilsners because they can be enjoyed guilt-free. The Gym Rat lives life by routine, and beer is definitely one of them.